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Ominous September, Extremely Nervous Q4: US equities plunged on Friday, with the S&P and Nasdaq dropping 9.2% and 10.5% MoM to end September in very negative territory. The most concerning macro aspect was the Bank of England’s emergency intervention to purchase UK Gilts (gov bonds) after massive sell-offs, with yields rising to around 5% for 30Y Gilts. This creates a scenario for the money printers to go Brrr and start printing again. We see more interventions by other central banks, and the rising dollar creates havoc till something breaks. The bottom line is that conditions will get much worse over the next few months before they get better as the fed will either be forced to pause or pivot.

Bitcoin up over the week: BTC reached above 20k over the week but is closely following the equity markets. We observe some correlations break as we progress to October, but we are still closely watching the 17.5k support. BTC is still biased primarily to the downside and following macro conditions.

Ethereum traded higher as well, time to DCA: Ethereum traded higher over the week but had a ruthless monthly drop of 14%, despite the successful merge. We strongly believe in the ETH deflationary narrative over the long term and think it’s time to start gradually Dollar Cost Averaging. While the macro conditions could be a dampener, catching the bottom is very hard. There are also other pockets of accumulation on Altcoins, especially real-yield, revenue-generating ones like UNI, Sushi, AAVE, GMX etc.

NFT weekly volumes up, large bluechip sales surging: Weekly NFT volumes for last week stood at $113M, up 12% WoW. Despite the bear market in NFTs, we continue to see large sales of bluechips with the $4.4 Million cryptopunks sale and Mutant ape for $1.3 million. In this nascent market, it is best to buy and hold on to the top bluechips. Others are a huge gamble and no one can pick guaranteed winners.

Key Charts

Crypto Heatmap (7D)
30 Year UK Gilts Yield (Left) | 30 Year Japan Gov Bond Yield (Right)

NFT Floor (7D)

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