Do you have an innovative idea on gaming or metaverse?

We bridge the gap of resources technology and support between founders that have the vision to create valuable metaverse or gaming solutions and a successful business.

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Our Vision

Your business idea can change the world!

With metaverse changing the landscape of today’s web and businesses, startups that have a unique ideation and innovation are welcome with open arms.

 The world is your oyster, we’ll help you sail through it!

Our Mission

To explore and utilize the potential of blockchain and metaverse, we are on a mission to revolutionize this space by teaming up with brains, visionaries and enthusiasts. 

By combining our resources, knowledge, experience and network we aim to make startup ideas turn into successful metaverse and blockchain businesses.

Why Rising Venture Studio?

Global scale, global expertise!

We support exceptional people to build exceptional businesses.

Help in raising further rounds of capital

Growth & scaling to achieve sales and profits

High-quality support services

Co-founders with brilliant entrepreneurial experience

Define clear value proposition

Provide tech partnerships, marketing, network and capital support

We find & promote disruptive entrepreneurs!

metaENGINE is an all-in-one platform that incorporates a professional-grade game engine with a complete back-end server, network, blockchain integration, and a publishing platform

MetaStudios is a Full Stack NFT, Gaming and Metaverse Development Studio for Brands & Projects

Our Process


We work together as a team to develop your product vision, economy design and roadmap.


We provide all that you need - development resources, expertise and infrastructure to test and iterate


Build a class-apart MVP and launch it with the necessary inputs from beta testing and customer feedback

Take your business to places

The world is yours to conquer! Collaborate, partner and grow with our diverse network and iterate the further stages of your business

Unlock the true potential of your business!

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