Rising Capital Venture Partner

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About Rising Capital

Rising Capital is a Singapore headquartered diversified crypto fund, founded by veterans in the traditional financial industry, gaming and leading thought leaders in the crypto space.

Rising Fund provides unique diversified investment opportunities to its investors in early stage crypto companies via tokens or equity, as well as medium to long term trading and holding of digital assets. We are a fundamentals and use cases driven crypto asset fund focussing on Metaverse, DeFi & NFT space. We have been operating and investing in crypto space since 2013. 

As Rising Venture Studio, we bridge the gap of resources, technology and support between founders that have the vision to create valuable metaverse or gaming solutions and a successful business. We find and promote disruptive entrepreneurs to ideate, create and scale their startups.

Description of Role

The Venture Partner at Rising Capital will be responsible for working in tandem with our venture portfolio and ensuring their success. Primary responsibilities of the Venture Partner include, but not limited to, overseeing Fund Raising, Brand Building, Networking and Partnership Development. It also includes collateral development to promote the assigned startup’s general reputation in the innovation and investment community.


A strong character who can think out of the box, is proactive, flexible and adaptable as role demands. 

  • Strong time management skills and able to succeed in an unstructured and fast-paced environment
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Effective decision making and multi-tasking skills
Some examples of your role:
  • Reviewing meeting status with potential new investors to communicate the company’s progress and encourage further investment
  • Reviewing business plans and providing feedback on how to improve them based on past successes or failures
  • Providing advice and guidance to the founders of the company to ensure that they are making good business decisions
  • Communicating with existing investors to ensure that they are satisfied with the progress of the company
  • Managing the senior associates spread across gaming and metaverse domains
  • Communicating regularly with other senior management at other firms to share information about opportunities in different industries or regions
  • Providing advice to the company on how to improve its financial performance by increasing sales, cutting costs, and generating new revenue streams
  • Apt business skills to understand the financial and legal aspects of the business.. This can help them make informed decisions about the business and its future
  • Well connected with the network of equity fundraisers or have the networking skills to build connections with investors, other business owners and other venture capitalists.
  • Strong financial acumen to make informed decisions about how to allocate company resources
  • Knowledge of recent marketing trends to understand the needs of the business and how to help it grow.
  • 8-10 years of experience with atleast 2-3 years in crypto. Passion for blockchain/cryptocurrencies and a desire to use technology as an enabler and catalyst to change the world.
  • Ability to handle a fast-paced environment and many moving parts at once.
  • Fluent English – International background and ability to speak other languages is a plus. Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Extremely organized, able to manage time effectively, and comfortable working across time zones and multiple projects.
  • A relevant network to help find aspiring entrepreneurs and unearth exciting new startups.
  • MBA from a top class Institution
  • Singapore or India preferred; remote possible
  • Strong network & knowledge in crypto 
  • Prior experience in Web3 Gaming and Metaverse

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