NFT’s & Gaming & Metaverse



While virtual games have existed for many years now but two things happened since 2020 that brought this Metaverse future closer to reality:

  1. COVID led boredom, especially among millennial and teenagers
  2. Incentives laid by blockchain projects like Axie & Punks

And I am no one to give a new lesson on how much time your kids are spending on video games rather than helping you in the yard or mom in the kitchen (lol, you wish)

Here is a much better description of Metaverse and why NOW, and where TO?

Sweeney says no one knows what its going to look like but there are some characteristics that are here to stay:

  1. Its always “ON’“
  2. It is real time
  3. Changes happen in real time
  4. There is an underlying economy (incentives and rewards)
  5. Hundreds of millions of creators and users can co-exist and b rewarded
  6. Earning power will no longer be limited to top 1% . Anyone with an innovative idea and innovative service can become popular and make money
  7. No one owns it, or no one company will be able to build or own it
  8. Businesses and Apps will be build on top (they already are)
  9. Blockchain and decentralized network will provide safety and instantaneous rewards, like in Ethereum. NFT’s on top them enable universal digital representation & ownership layer for any digital asset without any broker fee to Visa or Mastercards or Apple or Google.
  10. Most Metaverse will start with a real world mirror copy and build on them in a democratised way where the best creator wins

Economic efficiencies will be the key for this open platform.

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