Web3 games have a lot of attractive features in their realm and needless to say. The world is getting attracted to its magnetic fervor. While the key selling feature of such games is the aspect of decentralization, the list is endless.

Web3 gaming activity has grown nearly 2000 percent from the previous year. The overall statistics are testament to its wide array of advantages and features that it has to offer. For those who are unimpressed with the infancy or lack of maturity of Web3 games, it will be interesting to know that Web3 games and  metaverse projects raised  2.5 billion US dollars in quarter one of 2022.

Now that we have gone through the wonders that Web3 gaming and metaverse projects are doing all around the globe. Let’s dive right into some other reasons that substantiate that Web3 games are here for the long run.

1. Play-To-Earn 

In Web3 games, players can acquire non-fungible tokens and cryptocurrencies. Which allow them to earn virtual assets such as in-game currency, NFTs and cryptocurrencies. The players can then sell or trade these tokens and cryptocurrencies in the open market. On completion of in-game tasks, players can also earn fiat currency as a reward. 

Other tricks to earn rewards include, collecting in-game currency that can be exchanged for real currency, minting NFTs and virtual assets in-game, wagering, and scholarships. NFTs give every in-game item the potential to be an asset — and every asset, of course, has the potential to be sold, bought or even used as collateral. 

2. The integration of old games 

Change is the necessity of life. And Web3 games have changed the flavor of old games completely. Wondering how? By integrating and upgrading more game models into the Metaverse and Blockchain platforms. Web3 games are giving these games a decentralized mode of operation. 

Players are biased towards their favorite game, which is why Web3 offers players of classic and well-known games the opportunity to extend their experience by integrating these games into the Metaverse. The players can create their avatars and trade collectibles with other players. 

3. Self-sovereignty and ownership 

Ownership has been the major concern of all the gaming aficionados till today. But, the advent of Web3 games has surpassed this problem as it gives users and players control over their virtual goods, their personalized gaming experiences, their activities, and their intellectual property. The self-sovereignty feature allows users to transfer their acquired gaming assets from platform to platform and retain ownership of them. 

4. Transparency 

Based on the most advanced blockchain technology, Web3 games are highly transparent. Seems like a far-fetched dream? It has been made true by the Web3 games as they rely on voting consensus to change the game process. Every small activity is recorded in the blockchain, giving the Web3 games a high level of openness and transparency. 

5. Massive data storage 

Now that you are already in awe of the Web3 games, last but not the least is the efficiency of Web3 gaming platforms. They rely on massive data storage infrastructure, are self-sustaining, highly scalable and require very little maintenance, so they rarely crash.

The Bottomline

Cashing in on factors like old-game integration, play-to-earn, and self-sovereignty, the Web3 gaming ecosystem is personalized for each player based on their preferences.

Hence, Web3 games are here to stay given they keep satiating the game lovers with all the out-of-the-box features that they desire for. Needless to say, these games have transformed the gaming industry with its unparalleled features that give a kaleidoscopic view of a decentralized future.

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