The moodboard of Web3 and P2E games are filled with quite a lot of concepts and ideas, aka it is a broad subject. But it’s also an arena that harbours a gamut of opportunities!  Simply defined, it is a relatively new, unexplored territory that incorporates the metaverse, NFTs, virtual reality, 3D graphics and altogether more advanced technologies.

Whilst P2E games are still very much in its humble but impressive beginnings, there is quite a huge belief that it is soon going to become a boiling pot for a gamut of job opportunities – for players and also the game developers. 

Well, this might seem to be a little too exaggerated as you read, but we are sure that as you read through, you will be on the same page as us. Play-to-earn is not just giving a boom to a new class of digital workers who see a fraction of the total earnings from their diligent efforts, but bosses, too.

From Players to Managers 

Several P2E games such as Axie Infinity provide extensive learning and growth opportunities to the players as they cross each level of the game. Seems a little too difficult to believe? Let us simplify it for you in the following steps: 

  • You join several gaming groups on apps like Telegram and Discord, for instance – Axie Discord. There is a storehouse of knowledge material to learn to build the cards and establish yourself as the ultimate Axie.
  • You eventually meet a lot of fellow gamers with whom you can exchange your teams and grow together.
  • You start to grow through referrals. You also take  interviews of people who want to be a part of your team and eventually grow.
  • Then you can loan out some of your teams to your scholars. The game further allows you to monitor the meta, suggest new strategies, and scout the marketplace for new members. These games also have their own portal to stay in touch with your scholars who end up becoming friends and allies in your new management spree.
  •  Your in-game assets start positively changing the lives of others vs just collecting dust. And, your scholars earn $10-20/day and keep the majority of the income which is a good source of revenue for many.

While this may seem to be a cumbersome process, it is no less than a cake walk when you start seeing the results and revenue coming in right. 

While the job opportunities for players in P2E games are just one side of the coin, the other side of the coin is very much directed towards the internal stakeholders aka game developers, managers etc, whose job profiles are literally selling like hot cakes. 

The Bright Future of Web3 Jobs

When it comes to P2E and Web3 games, it’s not the money, not the trend, but the technological principles it adheres to. In light of this, more individuals are seeking career options in this industry.

  1. Community Manager 

The job title is quite self explanatory, but within a limited realm. A Community Manager will not only manage the company’s relationships with its communities but also manage them on platforms like Discord and Telegram. In these social domains, he/she is responsible for creating buzz for the Web 3.O company. Primarily, they help anchor the trust in the company with customers and create awareness within the community to help onboarding enthusiasts. 

  1. UX&UI Designer

In terms of design principles, Web3 games are a tad bit difficult. In order to get your game to mass adoption also means communicating with developers. It requires making the user experience seamless till the end of the game, with the elimination of any bottlenecks due to technical complexity. Hence, the designing part of the games play a very crucial role and is a very much desired job role in the Web3 gaming industry.

  1. Solidity Developer

Since Web3 is majorly technology-driven in nature, most of these roles may already exist in tech but are slowly adapting to Web3. A case in point: Solidity Developer. The designated person designs smart contracts for Ethereum, one of the largest blockchains. Created using a programming language named Solidity, this job role would be a good fit for someone who likes working as a developer in the Web3 space. Not to forget, the salaries for these specialty skills are outrageous.

Well, these jobs are just a few from the colossal storehouse of job opportunities that Web3 games have opened for the generation to come. With an appositte skill set and dedication towards bringing the best output, people can excel and make a mark for themselves in this cut-throat competition of Web3 gaming industry.


From AI establishing connections with the Web 3.O to NFTs gearing up, virtual interactions to social media, the developments are simply gaining momentum and skyrocketing. It’s evidently a year for Web 3.O and more. So, why wait? Have your fingers on the pulse; the Web 3.O community is going to pop up numerous opportunities by the end of 2022, accelerating itself to a new level.

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